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The most important people.

   There are important people in life, necessary ones, and necessary ones, these are our teachers. I always say that I am lucky in life: I had wonderful, real, amazing teachers to whom I would be grateful for many, many years to come. My first teacher, Claudia Vladimirovna Lamparter, is incredibly sincere and able to experience the pain and joy of others, like her own, always ready to support, it was she who set the vector of my life path, taught me to set a high bar and take it. Nina Vasilievna Teterina - a teacher of literature - taught me to speak to an audience and express my thoughts coherently in writing. Irina Petrovna Dudina - a history teacher - thanks to her, classes were easy and interesting, even if the material was very serious, everything was remembered for a long time, because the events studied during the lesson were comprehended, analyzed, viewed from different sides. By the way, it was Irina Petrovna who taught me to make a convenient and quick summary of lectures, which was useful during my further studies. Anatoly Vasilyevich Solovyov - your sculpture lessons helped a lot in academic drawing classes, and your humor and positive attitude to everything that happens is simply necessary during working days. Valery Petrovich Belonozhko - Your advice and huge reading lists still discipline me, now I compose it for myself, what a pity that I managed to do so little in literary unification ....
   I have a lot of such "magic" people, but especially I would like to single out the three most-most.

   Larisa Petrovna Lebedeva - our teacher of methods of fine arts and dean of the faculty-for me you are not just a model of competence and erudition, but also the standard of the head of the creative educational team.

   My first teacher was dad, it was he who put a pencil and paints in his hands and ... it started! I still remember the smell of the first gouache paints - then they were for me some kind of wonderfully magical. Dad, being himself a professional artist, understood that, despite all the difficulties that occur on the creative path, the joy of the process of creating work is incredible, so he tried to convey to me the best that he owned. We went to the open air together, arranged a debriefing and even held a joint solo exhibition. Then dad officially introduced me by the hand into the wonderful world of creativity. He supported me until his very last days and I believe he continues to do it from above. And, taking a decision or at the turn of an important event, I mentally turn to him. I love you daddy!

   Then there was an art school, after school I went to art college where I received a gorgeous training in academic disciplines – drawing, painting.And now, already at the finish line-in preparation for the thesis I was lucky, I got into a group of diploma Sergey Koryakin. It was he who introduced me to contemporary art, its features, characteristics, ways of working on the idea. And, what is most fantastic, I began to "feel" the composition! Compare my delight could only be with the first experience in swimming, when all the more confident and confident you start to stay on the water and suddenly: once... and you are already swimming!!! To say about my teacher that he is a practicing artist is not much to say!

     He paints everywhere, always, at any free moment: at lunch, in between classes at college, on weekends, and, of course, together with students in the open air and in the studio. For us, very green artists, it was a tremendous experience – this was not practiced by any of the teachers . And looking how the teacher, doing the job with him, hand in hand, and grew my skills and understanding of visual literacy. I wish you all, dear reader friends, to meet the same wonderful mentor that I had and have. And you, beloved teacher, have many years and not stopped source of inspiration, creative energy! A part of your love for everything that surrounds you is now in my heart.

  After successfully defending my thesis, I easily entered the pedagogical Institute at the faculty of art and graphics. I went there in principle to learn how to work in the techniques of printed graphics. It was there that I was lucky enough to get into the creative group to Vladimir Valentinovich Zuev. Professor, a venerable graphic artist, having a name in the world of art, let us, students, to his studio (holy of holies!) to show the technological features of graphic techniques. Here I learned and etching, and woodcuts, and prints on plastic, and most importantly, received invaluable experience with the Master! I defended my thesis with Vladimir Valentinovich, and twice (oh, our education system, with its bachelors and specialties! ). Thanks to the professor, I won several national and international graphic competitions, went to Europe to try my hand, to feel the difference between contemporary art in Russia and abroad.

   Thank you all, my family! All the best that is in us, your students, is your attention, care and tremendous work. We love you and sincerely thank you for everything!

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