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I think!

Dad always said: “Think with a pencil!”. This meant that it was necessary to draw more than to carefully consider how to do it better. I often observe a similar picture occurring with my students in class: a man painted a staging, built, measured proportions, and suddenly froze with a pencil in his hand, as if he was dumbfounded. “Is something incomprehensible?”, - I ask, and in response: “I think“. And this thinking can take a long time, unfortunately. You can think a lot, analyze, represent different solutions to a color problem or a logical rebus in a drawing, you can even immediately draw a picture in your imagination or even plan an entire exhibition. As a rule, such meditations remain “virtual” images, they are not embodied in a piece of paper or canvas, but remain dumb reproach to the insolvency of the beginning artist.

   Why? Yes, simply because novices in drawing simply cannot keep up with their imagination and, even if the plan begins to appear in real life, it usually does not work out like the virtual one-on-one dream. It’s just that the skills and techniques are not sufficiently formed, not enough time is devoted to the drawing process itself, elementary hands do not listen well and it is impossible to master tools and materials. This is very disappointing.

   Still it is possible to think very long and so to think up nothing. It too happens at the beginning. Or, even more often to think-think and wave on all a hand: yes the artist, what of me, just it is not given me, even there is nothing to reflect here not that to draw.

   And such “traps”, which the novice artist himself taught, the whole sea. So it is better not to think, but immediately to do. Little by little. Step by step. Just trust your tutor. If he really is a teacher, teacher, guide to the world of creativity, then, most likely, he himself experienced similar difficulties, and it means that he has already thought of everything for you. Just hold his hand and boldly follow the path of creative development, draw and take risks in class and at home, at any free moment.

  And even if you’re fed up, and you only get to draw once a week (by the way, many of our students have the most popular schedule for attending the “Drawing from scratch to portrait to order” program), it’s important not to go astray and the result isn’t take long to wait. It is only necessary to show character.

  Muse does not like lazy people, but quantity always leads to quality. As appetite comes with eating, so inspiration comes in the process of drawing. You will surely feel it, I am sure, only hold pencils and paints next to you, just in case.


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