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Ekaterina Kryukova (Pilipenko) - Artist-teacher in the second generation, member of the Union of Artists of Russia, Member of the International Federation of Arts UNESCO, participant and laureate of numerous exhibitions in Russia and abroad.


Ekaterina Kryukova (Pilipenko) Artist-teacher of the Art School Jotto. Draws from childhood. One day, her father gave her gouache paints and this all started. Father - Alexander Eduardovich Pilipenko artist and teacher of fine art. His example inspired Ekaterina Kryukova (Pilipenko) to engage in creative work.


Victories at exhibitions Moscow 2008, 2009, 2010, Naberezhnye Chelny 2009, Smolensk 2010, governor's scholarship holder 2003. Participation in exhibitions Italy 2009, Poland 2010, Mexico, Turkey, Belgium, Spain.


Teaches since 2003


Exhibition of Alexander and Ekaterina Pilipenko. Karpinsk, 2002.

Personal exhibition "My impressions". Krasnoturinsk, 2004.

Personal exhibition “Painting. Graphics". Krasnoturinsk, 2007.

Personal exhibition "Angel Day". Karpinsk, 2008.

Personal exhibition World Assol ". Yekaterinburg, 2008.

Personal exhibition dedicated to the year of literature in Russia. G. Nizhny Tagil, Karpinsk, Serov, Krasnoturinsk, Severouralsk, Verkhoturye 2014—2016.


Exhibition - competition "Pastel of Ural artists:" Versions of space "." Nizhny Tagil. 2007

"Young artists of the Urals." Chelyabinsk, 2008.

"Spring Easter." Novouralsk. 2008

"Autumn at the easel." Serov. 2008

"Flight F". Nizhny Tagil. 2010

"Flight F". Nizhny Tagil. 2011

"Flight F". Nizhny Tagil. 2013

"Flight F". Nizhny Tagil. 2014

Youth exhibition "LiceZrenie" ("Young Artists of the Urals"). Nizhny Tagil. 2016




"15 Mobile exhibition of fine art of children and youth of educational institutions. "The palette". Grand prix. Smolensk, 2009.

All-Russian exhibition of creative works of teachers and students of art and graphic Universities. Laureate diploma. Smolensk, 2010.

III all-Russia exhibition of ex-libris. Vologda. 2011.

I open all-Russian Biennale-festival "URAL-GRAFO". Yekaterinburg, 2011-2012.

Elabuga exlibris triennal. Elabuga. 2012

All-Russian Exhibition-Competition "Dreams and Reality". Samara, 2013.



Mini print international Cadaques. Barcelona. 2008. International Student Exlibris Competition "First Steps". 1 place. Moscow, 2008.

International Student Exlibris Competition "First Steps". 3rd place. Moscow, 2010.

Grafica ed Ex Libris. Omaggio a Ercole Dogliani / in ricordo di Valentina Cavalli. Casale Monferrato, Itali, 2009.

Second International Printmaking Juried Exhibit Print for Peace. NL Mexiko. Monterrey. 2009

International contest "Exlibris" Somma Lombardo "From the ancient to the modern city". Itali 2009

Mini print international Cadaques. Barcelona. 2009

International Congress of Exlibris "1000 years of Yaroslavl." Diploma laureate. Yaroslavl, 2009.

6 miedzunarodovi Przeglad Exlibrisu drzeworytniczego I linorytniczeqo im. Pavla Stellera. "Catowice". 2008

XXXIII. FISAE international ex-libris congress. 2010.

The first international exhibition of small forms of graphics and exlibris "Belovezhskaya Pushcha-2009". Minsk. 2012

Moscow International Art Salon CHA "Process". Moscow, 2013.

Second Independent International Triennial of Graphics “White Inter-Nights” BIN - 2014. St. Petersburg, 2014.


  Since 2010, Ekaterina Kryukova fully focused on the creative development in the field of graphics, abandoning painting. In the period from 2010 to 2013, she developed the topic of communication between a person and the environment, the transfer of the emotional, psychological state of a person through the pictorial plastic language. So there was a series of large-format sheets (70x100) of the so-called Atlants, made in the technique - an engraving on plastic. In parallel, Ekaterina worked on the orders of a private publishing house. A series of works was performed for him, illustrating the life of Simeon of Verkhoturye, a saint of the Urals, whose righteous life is inseparable from the historical process and spiritual development of the Northern Urals. Unfortunately, for financial and other reasons, the book was never published, and therefore, Ekaterina Kryukova, as the author of the illustrations, decided to share this series with the audience as part of a personally organized educational project (a detailed description of the series and work on it in application). Such a project was a mobile exhibition, the core of which was a series of the above-described illustrations, made in the technique of free pencil drawing, accompanied by text blocks and explanations. The series was organically supplemented with watercolor illustrations for Homer's Odyssey and Iliad, portraits of the poets of the Silver Age, and exlibris of different years. The exhibition, timed to the year of literature in Russia, was successfully exhibited in 5 cities of the Sverdlovsk region for 2.5 years. According to the author’s plan, the exhibition will complete its journey in Yekaterinburg. In the spring of 2013, Ekaterina Kryukova (Pilipenko) joined the Union of Artists of Russia (graphics section of the Sverdlovsk Branch). Recommendations were written by: Zuev Vladimir Valentinovich, Volovich Vitaly Mikhailovich, Vishnyakov Vyacheslav Petrovich. Ekaterina Kryukova (Pilipenko) actively participates in exhibitions, including: 1 open all-Russian biennale-festival URAL-GRAFO. Yekaterinburg, 2011–2012, the First International Exhibition of Small Graphics and Exlibris "Belovezhskaya Pushcha-2009". Minsk. 2012, Yelabuzhsky Triennale of Ex libris. Yelabuga. 2012 and so on.


  In March 2013, together with her husband Arthur Kryukov, she opened the Jotto Art School for adults and teenagers in Yekaterinburg, where, at present (April 2017), Ekaterina is a senior teacher and head teacher. In Jotto, for a relatively short period of time, students master the basics of drawing, painting, composition, illustration, calligraphy, etc. Graduates of the school lead active creative, including exhibition, activities, find their vocation in creative professions, such as clothing designer, photographer, game application developer, art teacher, book and journal illustrator, etc. In July 2015, Ekaterina Kryukova (Pilipenko) focused her attention on illustrations of works by contemporary authors of the Ural region, Imer, illustrated poem AJ Rudta "Dam" about the history of the Volga Germans from the 40-ies of XX century to the present day. Ekaterina Kryukova (Pilipenko) continues to be engaged in easel graphics - the “Yekaterinburg Atlantis” series is being developed, where with the help of the plastic unity of architectural monuments of the past and figures of symbolic Atlantes, the idea of ​​preserving ancient monuments, the strength and power of the city hidden in the works of past masters is expressed. Ekaterina continues practical research in the field of modern ex-libris. She is still interested in the historical theme expressed with the help of her favorite graphic techniques: linocuts and woodcuts. From 2016 they try their hand at creating a miniature and ex-libris and students of Ekaterina Kryukova, as part of the composition.







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