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About the color of light.

Remember the brightest winter of your childhood, and maybe not one. There is no way you ate icicles, sledding down the hill, lost in the snow boots and licked the metal swing remember you do not need. Let us turn to what you have observed, noticed and what was surprising when changing the quality of lighting. Snow, sky and trees looked very different: during the day, on a Sunny day; in the evening, at dusk, and in the dark

prednisnoe time in artificial light of the city lights. Sometimes the lighting changed so quickly, the darkness came unnoticed, as if by magic, bringing with it a bright orange light of lanterns, colorful lights of advertising and fabulous rhythms of headlights lurking on the freeway, like amazing monsters, cars. At such moments, the sky and the earth seemed to change places. Gray-bluish, dense from the clouds, the sky in contrast to the pale dirty-gray snow cloudy day as if transformed with the onset of dusk. The sky became densely purple, and the snow underfoot is bright blue and it began to snake on it. And when the lamps were lit, then if you came closer and stood under the most lantern spotlight, you could admire the delicate peach and yellow tints of color on the nearby, brightly lit snowdrift, in contrast with the thick, mysterious blue behind it. And next to the Christmas tree, decorated with countless shimmering garlands and luminous toys, the snow shimmered in a completely phantasmagoric hues of color, representing a bright, laughing, rainbow fuss. Remember your delight at this moment?

Be sure to conduct a similar study comparing the snow at different times of the day and light, if you suddenly forgot these impressions and observations! So why am I telling all this?

  In the theory of color, a special place is given to white and black: as black absorbs all color shades, so white reflects and enhances them. Therefore, a pure white snow-white towel, especially placed on a table full of all sorts of multi-colored food, will never look like. Everything will be reflected on it: pinkish, yellowish elegant flashes. Yes, and the light of the chandelier will give it a cozy, warm golden hue, and the falling shadows from the objects will turn azure-blue. This phenomenon — reflections, reflexes, the contrast of light and shadow, and their color — is what you see in the snow. Each snowflake, each snow crystal reflects a red light of advertising, blue, with an emerald shimmer, the light from the window opposite. The golden light of evening artificial illumination colors the drifts in pale-red, and the branches of the trees - in brownish-orange, although in the afternoon it all looked azure-blue. This is what makes the color of light with objects! And in contrast with it, the shadows also change their color.

Sometimes, in the drawing classes for adults, I put such an experiment: I put a color filter on the lamp of the spotlight illuminator, and then the banal educational still life takes on a completely phantasmagoric appearance. It becomes then illuminated by a Martian-red light, the shadows of objects begin to appear emerald, and the colors of the objects themselves are played with red dramatic ominous colors. Then everything is in harmony with the cold moon-blue luminous flux, the shadows merge into single brownish spots and the training setting takes on a somewhat nostalgic look. Then a bright yellow flash lights up the parts of objects placed closer to the soffit and the draping folds and ink shadows creep from the objects in different directions.

“Like in a circus during a performance!” - Serious adults rejoice: lawyers, accountants, managers - my students in painting courses for beginners. This is what it means to understand that light streaming through surrounding objects and objects not only manifests their shape, but also affects the quality of color. The color of the light changes the local color of the object (the color in which it is painted), and because of this, the color of the shadow on the object itself (its own shadow) and the shadow of it outgoing (falling shadow) also change. And when it becomes noticeable and understandable, painting begins. Do not believe? Take a look at the work of our students.

  Do you want to feel again the joy of discovering the world, as in childhood? Then welcome to our company. I propose to start with the course "Drawing from scratch to portrait to order", it is just created for learning to draw adults in Yekaterinburg and even right in your home from video recordings.


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